2020 Telethon Miracle Match

Our Janeway Kids amaze us. Every day, they deal with conditions that require frequent and often lengthy visits to the Janeway. It takes a dedicated team of health care professionals and support staff, working together, to give them the extensive medical attention they need. Our Janeway Kids show us what it means to be brave, and they deserve the highest level of care possible. That is why, each of our corporate partners, Eastern Audio Limited and Walsh Productions, have agreed to double every donation you make to our Online Miracle Match Campaign up to a total of $5,000. Watch these incredible stories, shared by our Janeway Kids, their families and their medical teams. Donate any amount you can. Every dollar raised makes a difference. For All Our Kids!

Meet the Kids

Born at 27 weeks and weighing just 2.1lbs, Michael has fought with strength and bravery to overcome every complication and setback that he has experienced in his very young life. 

Michael was diagnosed with Vactrel Association, a rare condition that can cause often severe, conditions involving different parts of the body, such as the limbs, kidneys, anus, heart, esophagus and spine. 

Michael was 18 months of age when he was finally able to stay home with his family. To date, he has undergone 23 surgical procedures. However, Michael’s journey is far from over. He will require additional surgical procedures and many visits to the Janeway to see his medical team.

Through it all Michael is a little boy, who has a love for hockey unlike anything his parents and family members have ever seen. His determination and courage has no bounds, and he will score that winning goal of becoming a healthy little boy.

Michael Carroll - Aged 4

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Tori’s infectious smile and playful spirit has been an inspiration to her family, especially when she begins to sing and dance—two things she absolutely loves to do.

Diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia, a rare disorder which affects her bone marrow, Tori receives treatments to help improve her blood cell counts, usually through transfusions and special medications. Because of her low immunity, Tori and her family have to be very careful. For Tori, a common cold could mean a long hospital stay.

Spending time with Tori means spending time with one of the happiest little girls you could ever meet. Joy surrounds her, even though, at times, she can’t go out to play with her friends because of her condition.

Tori’s strength and positive attitude keeps her family going. As a seven-year-old, she has many dreams for her future, one that she knows will be exceptional.

Tori Corcoran-Foley - Aged 7

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